A New Start


So glad you are here My Friend!

My name is Rhiannon but since we are friends you can call me Rhi!

It is pronounced RYE. Yep, like the Bread!

I started blogging after lots of prodding from friends and family.
Why, because I love to create but after going through the BIG D …..I lost my mojo.  This is my attempt to get it back.  I have been Blessed to find love again and can’t wait for what lies ahead.

 A little about me: I Love chocolate, breakfast for dinner, a good movie, and wish I was born in the 50’s (I love the skirts-so girlie!!)  I love to take pictures and sold scrapbook supplies for years. 
I love to craft with my friends and have Girls Night!!
I Love any type of craft. Paper, Fabric, Foam, Wood, bring it on, I can work with anything.   I love helping others create fun decor for their home.
 I have even built a Parade float before and Yes, it was amazing!
  I am very Frugal, it drives me crazy to pay full price for anything.
 I love coupons and finding good deals.
Dollar store treasures make me giddy!
 I love making new friends and am excited to see who
I will meet in this bloggy world.
I hope you will join me in the Journey………….. Creating a Great Life!!